Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Festival

We headed out to the Fall Festival at our church on Wednesday night, October 29th. There was a ton of HUGE bounce houses---as well as--- games, a petting zoo, a food court and loads of friends all dressed up. I wasn't quite ready for the games or bounce houses this year, but sure had fun seeing everything.

Total amazement at the site of all the HUGE bounce houses! Or is that shock at some of the WILD costumes?

Here I am with some of my friends---Pierce and Kennedy!

I really wanted to get to know Kennedy better, but I guess there is time for that later!

Here mommy is trying to pose with me, but once again, I am just too distracted. Look how big I am! I think I am becoming a challenge for her to hold onto these days.

I think mom and dad were too overcome by all the sites, friends, and their Chick-Fil-A sandwiches to take any more pictures. Oh well, there is always next year.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Owen's Family Farm and Pumpkin Carving

On October 25th, we set out for a family adventure with our friends---Jim, Rhea, and Keller Caulk. First stop, the Owen's Family Farm and Big Orange Pumpkin Patch. There were tons of pumpkins and animals to see. We picked out our pumpkins, fed the animals, road the hay ride, and just had plain fun with our friends. We even ran into our other friends --- Nick, Leona, and Georgia Martin.

There was a huge sea of pumpkins to explore!

Here I am chatting it up with my buddy, Keller!

In search of the perfect pumpkin---I think Keller found his!

I found mine, too!

Posing for a picture with mommy! Well, she posed, the sun was to much for me.

I liked the donkeys---that is, until one of them walked over to me. At that point, I took a step back. A man knows when he is outdone!

Feeding the goats!

Next, we headed to the hay ride. Here daddy and I are, enjoying the ride and the breeze!

Next, we saw some horses and potbellied pigs! The pigs were my favorite since I tend to be a little potbellied myself.

Next stop, Jim's parents' house. We headed to their house in Richardson for pizza and pumpkin carving. At this point, our mommies thought we needed to try out our Halloween costumes. Keller was a Ninja!

Here I am with the folks! I don't know why they keep pulling this thing down on my face.

Time for action, I have to get to my Batmobile!

There it is!

Here is daddy carving a pumpkin! I think mommy used watching me as an excuse not to try one.

All the finished pumpkins! Can anyone guess which one is daddy's?

We had a great day with our friends and their family was super gracious!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our little angel grew wings today!

This past Saturday (10-11-08) was to be a day of celebrating. It was our 5th Anniversary together and the day I was to surprise Sam that we were expecting our 2nd little bundle of joy. That morning, I awoke to some symptons that began to concern me about my pregnancy. After a call to the on-call doctor, the symptoms subsiding, and yet another positive pregnancy test, we proceeded to celebrate with prayer on our heart. By Tuesday, our hope for a positive outcome had grown, since I had not had anymore symptoms, but it wasn't to be as we had hoped. I awoke today with more negative symptoms and eventually lost the baby mid-morning. Our little angel grew wings at 5 weeks and 6 days and returned to be with our Heavenly Father---whose better hands to be in?! We will always cherish our little one and look forward to the day that we will meet---soul to soul! Until that time, we trust that God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us and despite the emotional hiccups along the way, we are hopeful to conceive again.

Ironically, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is always recognized on October 15th (today) each year. It is a day of remembrance for all pregnancies which end in miscarriage, stillbirth or the death of a newborn. I just really found it odd that my miscarriage fell on this day. I know it will be a day that we will recognize each year. Whether it be a simple prayer or the lighting of a candle, we will remember the impact this day had on our family and all the others that have encountered this type of loss.

Thank you to everyone that has prayed or offered support. We appreciate all your well wishes and kind words. Regardless of whether you feel you have the right words or not, we know what is in your heart and will not hold your words against you. Please don't be afraid that you will remind us of our loss---we are reminded by it daily already and just knowing that someone cares speaks volumes to us.

18 months

As with the previous months, Nate's 18 month mark is no different in that he continues to amaze us with what he is learning and how he communicates with us. Following the noteworthy happenings during his 18th month are a few pics of Nate with a new, mini-workbench toy we got for him that he has been paying special attention to... maybe it will pay-off down the road in that he'll make us some nice furniture one day...?

  • Nate 18 month stats: weight 29.2 lbs, length 31.75 and head 19.5... which is in the 90% range, so hopefully he'll receive the good sense that his mommy has that has managed to pass over daddy!

  • On the date of his 18th month check-up, Nate waved bye-bye for the 1st time!
    Nate has noticed the bears painted on his nursery walls and can point to them and say [what is supposed to be] bears. He also recognizes bears when said and goes to touch them on the walls.

  • Nate is exploring the artist within as he begins to fingerpaint and draw with crayons at school.

  • Nate initiated a hug from both mommy and daddy at the same time while being held before bed time. He also gave out some kisses!

  • Nate held a worm at Grammy's house... though we suspect Grammy may have been suspect in encouraging the incident... boys will be boys!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hanging w/Beau @ Firewheel

In early October, Beau and I swung by the Firewheel Mall for some food and fun... and yeah, we decided to bring our parents. We cannot seem to escape them!

Here's Beau... what can I say... he's the utlimate wingman!! You go into a nursery with this guy, and ALL the little ladies are flocking around you. It's really not fair to all the other guys!!

Here I was trying to get a gentleman's, who I thought was the conductor, attention to ask if they were taking tickets at that time, but this train did not seem to be taking off anytime soon. I should have asked where one files a complaint! I'm a baby, and I know bad service when I see it!!

Ah yes... here my colleague and I are engaged in some riveting discourse. As I recall, thermal dynamics and the upcoming presidential election were among the genres covered in our dialogue. Of course, it's way over the big people's heads... they just look at us smiling as if in some sort of trance.
AHOY MATEY!! As you can see, here I am comendering my very own ship. It was quite amusing I must say. Spinning the steering wheel was very captivating... it was strangely mesmorizing... much like those goofy kids' shows!!!

All hands on deck... I think I spy an intruder... and yes, I did... at the momment, I did not see the 2nd intruder sneaking up behind me to take over my ship! Oh well, all things come to an end, and unfortunately so did my time with my good budd. But we had a great time!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Arboretum with Grammy

On Wednesday, October 1st, I got to go to the Arboretum with my grammy and several women from her church. Just me and all the women! There was plenty of loving going around because mommy told me to be on my best behavior for them and who wouldn't love this little guy! Grammy said I was a little angel and that I had fun exploring the grounds. I didn't take mommy and daddy this time, but I think I can talk them into skipping work sometime and I will take them to see all the flowers and pumpkins. Here are some pictures from our day:

I enjoyed part of the day at leisure in my stroller until Grammy got brave enough to let me free! I don't blame her, I can be quick when I want to be and I am quite the explorer.
Grammy, I like this one. It's almost as big as I am!
So much exploring works up a man's appetite---time for a snack!

Hey, Grammy--this bench looks like a good photo op!

One sweet, lovable little pumpkin among many of another variety!

Wow, it sure is a lonnnnggg way up there!

Time to try my skills at the hay bail maze!

Grammy, where are you?

Grammy, I sure had a great day with you and your friends. Thank you for taking me with you. I love you very much...and Papa, too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My boys watch The Boys!!

Here they are ready for the big game. These guys are die-hard Cowboys fans, so the minute the game starts those enthusiastic happy faces instantly disappear and are replaced with looks of intense concentration which is easily morphed into elation or extreme devastation. Hopefully, they'll win today!!! GO COWBOYS!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too Cute!!......and Too True!!

Thanks for the new outfit, Grammy. Sam and I think it is so appropriate because Nate is not lacking in the eating or pooping department. Plus, Sam and Papa are both Ford truck men!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

16 months old!

Nate is 16 months old today. I know I always say it, but where has all the time gone? My love grows for him each and every day. That seems hard to believe because my heart was so full of love for him as soon as I knew he was growing inside of me and when I first laid eyes on him in the hospital, but it is true. He is my world. He lights up every day, and warms my heart. He seems to know when I need a tender moment after a long day of commuting and work. He is such a sweet boy that some days, Grammy doesn't even want to give him back. A few other days are a little different story. All in all, he is just a good kid!! I sure hope we don't mess him up ;-)!!

Based on his 15 month appt a month ago, he is doing great. He is off the charts for gross and fine motor skills as well as socialization, but speech is a different story. At the time of the appt., he really wasn't using any words regularly. Lately, we think we have heard: mama, dada, up, yes, thank you, milk, ball, bye-bye, and a few others we can't make out but think one of them might be blanket. He only uses them when he wants to, and doesn't really do it when prompted. I think it is his way of letting me know that he knows the words but he isn't going to say them just to humor me. Sometimes, he is in the right mood and will come give us a kiss, other times it doesn't matter how many times I ask him, he is just distracted by all his toys and whatever is going on in that little head of his or should I say big head of his. As of the appt, his head is in the 90th percentile, with weight in the 75th and heighth in the 50th. I thought kids thinned out when they started running and walking, but not Nate, he went up from 50th percentile to the 75th. We love his chubb, though, and are not anxious to see it go away. During camp at the CDC, he got designated as a future "Marine Sergeant" since he is stout and has loud vocals when he is excited.

I love how he scrunches up his nose when he is frustrated or trying to figure things out. I love how he kicks his leg up to the side as high as he can and climbs up on the couch. It is so cute to see him plopped up there and turned around sitting like a big boy. When he claps his hands, he typically holds one hand still and uses the other to hit it--too cute! It is fun to watch him go down the front sidewalk of our house. It has random single steps every few feet, and it is so fun to see him maneuver them. He stops about a foot shy of each step to get down on his hands and knees to climb down the step. I love how he squeals in excitement or laughs out loud. He has the sweetest little voice. Most of all, I love his smile. When I pick him up from his crib or from his Grammy's in the afternoon, his smile melts my heart. He also has the cutest little dimples just over the top of each side of his lips. I hope he doesn't grow out of them!


A few more facts: He loves his blanket, bat, stacking cups and balls, he pushes his car all over the house, he loves splashing in the bath and just recently learned how to get out of the bath, he loves playing at the swimming pool, he loves to be chased around the living room, he loves climbing the stairs to his playroom and has recently learned how to get down them, and he loves to eat! He still doesn't sit still much to read books or watch a video, which is probably why his verbal skills haven't kicked in yet. He is just too busy playing and discovering new things. Finally, he is a good night-time and nap sleeper. Praise the Lord for a son after my own heart!!


Foods he loves: cheese, fruit--any and all, breakfast pockets, homemade blueberry or banana pancakes, ravioli, mac and cheese, Chick-fil-A, little smokies, lean pockets, little hamburgers and chicken sandwhiches found at Target, bite-size nilla wafers (thanks Pierce), animal crackers, carrots, peas, little crunchies-cheese flavored, apple sauce---basically anything. He is not a big fan of choc. chip cookies or pancakes, or any cake or muffin items and is sometimes not sure about ice cream. Isn't that odd? We have really been able to limit his sweets because he loves fruit so much, and hasn't acquired a taste for the other yet. Maybe that is because I have really limited it. Who knows, I am sure he will discover the appeal soon enough!


I just loved Nate's expression on this last picture--so I had to include it!

NATE, WE LOVE YOU!!!---Mommy and Daddy