Sunday, June 24, 2007

1st Time in Joyland!

I thought this picture would serve as a good closing piece. Daddy was trying to get a picture of me in my overalls, and, God bless him, he was plum acting a fool---and boy was it hilarious. It's amazing how crazy my mommy and daddy will act for a big, toothless grin. Oh and by the way, I do have ears... it's just that these super-size cheeks of mine tend to overwhelm everything when I smile. Take it from me though... they're back there. Thanks mommy and daddy for a successful first trip to the nursery! I look forward to hangin' with my friends every Sunday.

This is my homey Luke. He was already awake when I awoke. Already a veteran at Joyland, he showed me the ropes including who were the hot babes. Look out ladies, don't let his innocent look fool you... that Luke is one smooth operator. He's a good guy though with a great mommy and daddy.

Though it looks like cruel and unusual punishment, they took good care of me at Joyland (our church nursery). My first experience went rather well I have to say. Some of my colleagues in there got quiet loud though... kinda disrupts one's nap. Oh and the diaper changing was a bit awkward since I'm used to mommy, daddy or Grammy, but it was a quality job.

The above photo is in transit to the church. Try as I may, when the car gets a' goin' I get to sleepin'. I think mommy and daddy love that quality about me.

We are about to leave for church in this picture. Daddy is working hard at being goofy (if you can imagine that), so I figured I'd give the guy a break and give him a little grin for his efforts. By the way, the bib action is because I tend to surprise mom and dad with some spit-up every now and then... gotta keep 'em on their toes... also have to let the world know I love my mommy very much!! I couldn't ask for a better one... thank you Jesus.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Special Burp Cloths

I just had to post a picture of a special gift Nathan got from one of Sam's Aunt and Uncle, last week. They are personalized burp cloths with fun pictures on them. As most of you know, we did not disclose his name until he was born, so we have very few items with his name or initials. Therefore, anything that we get personalized is extra special. Isn't it sweet that she used his nickname, Nate?!!!

Happy First Father's Day, Daddy!

Daddy, I am so lucky to be your son. You are so fun to be around and I can tell you really love me. After all, you hold and comfort me when I am fussy and mommy is busy. Also, you are willing to put up with me spitting up and having stinky diapers. Mommy loves listening to you as you talk and play with me while changing my messy diapers. She also thinks it is cool that you take me to the dining room, so that we can both look in the mirror. I am not quite sure what I am looking at, yet, but one of these days I will figure it out. Daddy, I can't wait to grow up big and strong like you. I have been working on my strength, lately. I have alot more head control and I like to stand on your lap. I love it when you and mommy put me to bed, start my mobile and say a prayer, I just wish you wouldn't leave me there once you are done ;-)! Well, I really enjoyed your First Father's Day, and I hope you did, too! I helped mommy pick out your gifts! We hope you liked them! She wanted me to sign my card to you, but she just wasn't quite sure how to do that without you noticing the ink on my hand. I Love You, Daddy! ---Nate

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Triple Whammy!!

Nathan had his 2 month appt. this past Thursday. The doctor said he has excellent growth and development. He is now 24 inches long and weighs 13 pounds. He is a big boy registering just above 75% in both categories. As you all know, a 2 month check-up brings with it the first round of shots. Nate had one oral vaccine and 3 shots in the legs. He did very well and he and I both only cried one minute. Yes, I did get a little teary eyed! It was the initial shock of them jabbing it into his legs with such force that got us both. He had calmed down before I even picked him up, which made me a little sad that he did not need mommy to comfort him. He is just becoming such a tough little boy.

I met my mom and Nate there from work. It was so neat to see how her and Nate are bonding and getting used to each other after only a few short days together. Sam and I are both confident that we made the best choice in who cares for our son while I am working. Nate loves his Grammy!
At Grammy's after his first round of shots!
Up close look at the damage!

Friday, June 15, 2007

2 Months!!

Isn't it crazy how time flies and our kiddos seem to grow beneath our eyes! It seems like just the other day that our son was born, now he is blossoming into an expressive little boy. His 2 month birthday was this past Wednesday, June 13th. He sure has been busy experiencing new things.

1. He does great during tummy time and lifts his head and chest up off the floor. Great job, Nate.

2. He tracks the lights and colors as the music plays on his bouncy seat. He, also, tracks mommy and daddy ;-).

3. He likes the swing, again. He didn't for a week or two.

4. He sleeps in his own room, now. Mommy misses him but watches him on the video monitor.

5. He smiles when smiled at or when we play with his cheeks.

6. He has giggled once that Sam and I both witnessed.

7. He does great in the car, but when he is hungry he doesn't like to stop at stoplights or the bank! The car needs to keep on moving!

8. He loves to stretch. I have never seen someone stretch so much.

9. He loves being held in a reverse football hold, where he can see out!

10. He has had a few play dates with friends - Luke, Pierce, Avery, Micah, Emmy, London, and Reagan.

11. He coos at us and his toys.

12. He loves watching the red stars as his mobile goes around.

13. He has begun sucking on his hands more, even when he has a full tummy. He doesn't really take a pacifier, but he is never very fussy (Praise God), so there isn't much need. He will probably end up being a thumb sucker--I just hope it won't be to hard to break the habit, since his thumb is always with him.

14. He gets to go play with Grammy every day!

15. He has had his pictures taken professionally.

16. He has had his first round of shots---more on that later!

17. He has grown like a weed and is already 13 pounds! I guess he loves to eat.

18. He still likes to be swaddled at night. He looks like a little burrito!

19. He nurses well, and takes 3 bottles from Grammy during the day. Fortunately, my work provides a mothers room to allow me to keep nursing.


Monday, June 11, 2007

We Made It!

Well, today marked my return to work. Ugh! Thankfully, little Nate gets to go stay with his loving Grammy every day. Thanks, mom, you're the best! I got up at 5:00 after getting a solid 6 hours of sleep. Thanks Nate, mommy needed that before her first day. I fed Nate after having to wake him up, changed his diaper twice, got myself ready, and gathered all the essentials for his diaper bag, my lunch, and everything needed for me to pump at work. Throw in 2 framed pictures for my desk and my purse and I had quite a load!! I grabbed Nate and we headed out to Grammy's at 6:15. I dropped him off said my goodbyes, took some pictures, and put him back down to sleep. I headed off to work and made it there by 6:50. We did pretty good time wise this morning thanks to no unforeseen spit-ups, diaper leaks, or fussiness. I held myself together pretty good. I had some emotional moments, but I got most of my emotions about returning to work out about a week ago. I just decided to have my melt down a little early ;-)!! Nate did great with mom. He ate, played, and slept well. As a matter of fact, I put him back to bed when I left this morning and returned to get him up from a nap after work. I flew through traffic anxious to see the little man. He was wearing his "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's" onesie. I thought mom would like that for the first day :-)!

Our biggest incident of the day was after he and I got home. I put him in the swing while I changed clothes, washed out my lunch containers and made bottles for tomorrow. I got ready to feed him and since he had been napping and had a full diaper, I stopped to change it before feeding him. Well, during mid-change, while dirty diaper was off and new one wasn't on yet, Nate decided it was time for a 'code brown'. Yep, I think it was his way of getting back at me for not staying home with him.

All in all, it was a successful day. I will be in good shape if the rest of the week goes that

Heading out, still in PJ's!

Saying my goodbyes!

When I left, he was headed back to finish sleeping! I still swaddle him because it tends to let him know it is time for a nap or bedtime.

When I returned, he was looking so cute! Here he is sleeping after kicking himself free from his SwaddleMe. Very seldom does he fight the confinement, but as you can see, today he wanted freedom!