Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grandma Sally & Grandpa Tom Visit

Unfortunately Grandma Sally and Grandpa Tom were out of town when little Hailey was born, so they got to be one of Hailey’s 1st visitors in her home.

Here’s Mommy trying to get Hailey pumped about the imminent arrival of her visitors… she’s thrilled as you can plainly see.

Here’s the whole gang, minus daddy, ready for grandma and grandpa to arrive… hey, she’s awake and big brother is showing off his pearly whites.
When they arrive, Grandma Sally rushes to take hold of Hailey first. She just loved holding her newest grandchild.
In the meantime Grandpa Tom and Nate were rough-housing… not so much in this shot…

Then it was Grandpa Tom’s turn to greet Hailey

Mommy did a good job of showing off the nursery and keeping them up-to-date on all things Hailey.

And of course… Tom and Nate did a little more horsing around…

Thanks for coming to visit grandma and grandpa, we had so much fun with ya’ll. Here’s one last pic of both of them enjoying Hailey’s company.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heading Home

Well, it’s the big day, time to take Hailey home! We’re excited to introduce her to her new home even though she will not have a clue.
Mommy and Hailey

Daddy & Hailey
Ready to roll…

And after a quick ride home, we introduced Hailey to her room…
Momma telling Hailey about her room and all the love that went into decorating it.
Here’s a few pics of Mommy giving Hailey a test drive in her new crib… perfect fit with room to grow! We’re so glad to finally have her home!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

1st Photo Shoot

At not even a full day old Miss Hailey Jade had her 1st photo shoot. As you can see below, she was a bit uncertain, but the photographers did manage to get a great shot.
Ready for her close-up…

Every time daddy managed to get a picture, Hailey was not too happy, but those photographers, the pro’s they are, worked their magic and got some pics with her looking content.

All bent out of shape and still a cutie!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Special Day for Big Bro

We decided to give big brother a little special treatment due to his new sister recently grabbing all the attention. He seemed not to mind too much…
We first thought he should give a little sugar to the reason for his gifts!

Next it was bring on the gifts!
Surprise! Two brand, new, big-boy cups with Elmo and Mickey Mouse on them… of which Nate definitely approved!

The next gift was a huge hit… a wooden, magnetic car puzzle! Nate loved it!! Thanks Steinman Family!

The next gift was a neat bath toy… thanks Grandma Sally and Grandpa Tom!

Nate was so appreciative and happy for the gifts he received… he even hammed it up for the camera…

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hailey Jade Wolfe is here!!

At 1:20pm on Wed, 7/22 Hailey Jade Wolfe decided to enter the world, so we chose to celebrate in style with a sugar overdose…

The day started early w/Kim’s water breaking at 5:30am… luckily she caught daddy before he was about to board the train for work, so he headed back home. After getting things together for the hospital, we headed-out around 6:45am
What a hard worker… even while waiting for Hailey to arrive mommy is sending out last minute work e-mails!!!

At 10:45am the epidural was given, and about 2.5 hours later, mommy pushed hard several times, making it look easy, and in about 10min, heeeeeeeere’s Hailey!!
Mommy and baby…

And Daddy’s big contribution…

Hailey in all her glory…

Now these are some proud parents…

Momma talking to little one…

And Daddy got his turn…

Then there’s Grammy and Papa who couldn’t get enough.

Big brother Nate had to be introduced… he and mommy check-out the baby from a distance…

Nate comes to get a closer look and is very friendly with his new baby sis.
Next it was up to our room to get settled in, and big brother Nate was a big helper.
Nate and his great-grandmother keep a watchful eye out on his new baby sis

Hailey’s 1st bath… trust me, she didn’t enjoy it too much…

Once in our room and with Hailey delivered back to us, the rest of the family on-hand piled in to jockey for baby-holding position…
Aunt Traci and cousin Sydney taking in Hailey.

Great-granny and Hailey
Grandpa Wolfe & Hailey

Aunt Kelley & Hailey