Saturday, August 22, 2009

Local Park Visit

The Wolfe Pack is so spoiled with a park about 50 yards from our front door, so we figured a few pictures are in order. As you can see Nate feels right at home...
This big boy likes to pull the wagon himself... whether it's coming or going.

First, it's off to the slide.

Next, it was on to the rather obscure stand-up rotating/pendulum/swing thingy... not sure who came up with this, but Nate loves it regardless.

And finally a pose with Daddy...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Ducky!

Mommy & Daddy are blown away at how cute Hailey looks in her ducky PJ's. I think it is pretty apparent why...
(Having a cute Mommy doesn't hurt one's chances either.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Build-A-Bear & Carrousel Outing

Time to head to the mall for some fun! Nate was over-due for a Build-A-Bear trip to make him a new buddy... and to show his little sis how it's done. Not sure about you, but these two kiddos appear to be anxious to get going!
Decisions! Decisions! Thankfully Mommy was there to help me choose the perfect critter for me upon entering the magical workshop.

A stuffing good time... Nate figured out real quick how to work the 'stuffing pedal'. In fact the helper lady had to work extremely fast due to the expeditious nature of Mr. Nate. He was all about stomping the stuffing out of that pedal!!

Have a Heart! Nate loved his new puppy so much he grabbed TWO hearts to give to the helper lady to put inside Nate's new buddy.

With Mommy's help, Nate demonstrates some brushing & fluffing TLC for his newly minted puppy.

Here's Nate flashing one of his classic, cheesy smiles while Mommy finishes dressing our new creation.

Naming time... here Mommy & Nate are hard at work naming the bear... I mean dog. We chose Raider...

Here's the finished product! (We had to wait until we got home for the big debut... otherwise a certain little boy would want to play with it the entire mall visit.)
By the way, where's baby sis during all this...? Don't worry, she had some business to tend to of her own... doing what baby's do best...

After building the perfect bear and downing some lunch, it was time for some carrousel fun. Of course, it's difficult to tell who is having more fun... Nate or Mommy!