Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Playground Visit!!

There comes a time in every baby’s life when he or she makes that all important trip to the playground. Below are some glimpses into my first experience. It was surely a wonderland of excitement!! I cannot wait to explore further when I learn to move about on legs like mommy and daddy do.

Just a couple of cool guys, hangin’ out!!

Pilot to co-pilot we are ready for take-off!
More fun in swing…

I’m innocent I tell ya… INNOCENT!!
This slide thing was very interesting….
Top of slide…


Bottom of Slide… Uh, what happened..?!

Me and mommy after a fun-filled afternoon!! Um, excuse the left baby hand… it seems I may have committed some sort of unintentional baby faux pas. OOPS!
What a great day... thanks mommy and daddy!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My 1st St. Patrick's Day

Well, my Pa is at it again… getting some photos on my 1st St. Patricks Day. By the way, we’re not Irish, so is it really that big a deal? Oh well, it still did not stop him... as you will see though, I took care of this situation.

Yo Daddy, Wuzz UP???? These are my new, St. Pattie’s threads…

Ever wonder what a crazy, baby Leprechaun would look like… well, here ya go…
Ok, Daddy, that’s enough pictures… you’re getting on this baby’s nerves….

That’s it! As you can see, I had to put my Daddy in his place. Sorry we had to get a picture of you being dominated by your baby son, Daddy, but you cannot say I didn’t warn ya!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby Dedications!

Today I saw two friends of mine dedicated to the Lord by their parents. Beau and Georgia were both dedicated to our Father at church today. Obviously, I was in the nursery, but I heard from my parents that it was a nice ceremony and that both Georgia and Beau did great!! See below for a few pics of their special moments…

Beau and Georgia with their parents…
Here’s Georgia looking pretty in her daddy’s arms…
Here’s Beau giving his most handsome look… seems to have spotted my daddy taking this picture…
These last 2 pictures are of our pastor praying over both babies. Great job Georgia and Beau!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

My First Snow!!

Last night, I was fast asleep in my crib when I awoke to the sound of the front door being shut. You see, my mom didn't want to miss a chance to document my first snow. She thought that she would simply take a picture of our front yard and then a picture of me sleeping through all of it. She just couldn't justify waking me up to take out into the cold for fear that I wouldn't go back to sleep. Come on, mom, we all know I am a good baby and would easily have gone back to sleep! Anyways, back to my story.... Once mom and dad heard me awake, they decided that since I was awake they might as well take me outside. So, although I will never remember it, I did witness my first snowfall! Man, that stuff sure is cold! Unfortunately, we were unable to play in it the next morning because mom and dad had to head to work before first light. With this crazy Texas weather, the snow was all gone by the time we got home.

Initial picture, before I awoke.

Me and Daddy---check out all those snow flakes!!

Me and Mommy----I don't know who was colder? Brrr!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Buddy Beau and Me!

Recently, I got to hang with my very good buddy Beau. We had a great time together with our parents as you can see below. Little do they know us babies got just as much of a kick watching our goofy parents as they did ogling over us baby boys.

Here is, my good buddy Beau…

Kickin’ back & sharing our best baby stories…
Sharing some laughs…
Gimme some skin, my man…
Hold on Mom… he’s got an eye booger that’s driving me insane… just let me get it for him!!

Here’s Beau & his Daddy Eric… both great guys!!
Mommies and babies… No doubt about it… the goofy one on the right is my daddy… sorry Beau!!
Seriously Beau, I’m not kidding… I can see them bringing in whatever this “pizza” stuff is as we speak…uh, I mean, as we use our baby telepathy… man, does it smell great!!