Sunday, December 17, 2006

6 Little Piggies?!?!?

Here's one of the latest and greatest sonogram images and quite frankly one of the more interesting of the bunch. As the title of this post says... count the toes. That's right, you will count six little piggies!! Though the sonogram tech said the sixth "toe" could be attributed to the outside bone of the foot, we are not sure what to think. We were told it is difficult to determine at this point from the picture what is a toe, bone or shadow. But it looks like a clearly sixth toe if you ask me. Kim said she saw only five toes on the right foot, so I guess the worst case scenario is he will have a special left foot. Regardless, if the worst ailment we face during this pregnancy is an extra toe, we will accept it with open arms. Looking at the bright side of the situation, I relayed to my lovely bride that our little one will have a built-in Indian name.... Six-Toe.
Six Toe Wolfe... sounds like a brave warrior to me!

3-D Sono Action!

This picture shows a 3-D sonogram image taken 11/20/06. We were lucky enough to be selected for a free 3D sonogram at a sonogram clinic in Garland. The above picture shows the little guy's face. The whole 3D sonogram experience was pretty amazing; although, we have to admit our expectations of what it was going to look like were a bit above what we actually saw. However, the pictures provided some additional insight into the little guy's development as well as further confirmation of the gender. Admittedly, it was a proud moment when the opening comment of the doctor upon starting the sonogram was, "Oh my goodness, that sure is a boy." Apparently our little man overcame his shyness that he exhibited earlier in the month!


This sonogram picture was taken on 11/7/06 the same day we found out we were having a son. We felt compelled to include this picture due to the fact that the little man is staring straight at us. Though Kim affectionally referred to this picture as a little creepy, it does offer an excellent view of the little guy's skull and ribs. I guess the little man was curious as to who disturbed his nap!

It's a Boy!!

It's official. The Wolfe's will be having a little boy! Hopefully everyone can see the tell-tale organ in this shot. If not, don't feel bad, the technician had to practically point it out to the father to be! This picture did not come easy. The little guy just would not cooperate. He stayed very still and balled-up, so we could not tell the gender right away. (Kim and I are hoping he is as still and quiet when he arrives in April.) So Kim and I had to go on a walk for 5-10 minutes in hopes that the little guy would wake-up. So upon the second attempt, the technician became quiet as she concentrated on the little image... then she let us know it would be a he. So I guess the lesson learned is persistence pays off... and a Wolfe pup will not cooperate until he is ready!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Frogger is no more... Hello Mr. Bean!

Our little Frogger has transformed into a bean... with a head. Though only about a month after the first sonogram, on August 25th, it's easy to see how quickly the progression takes place. Kim and my excitement build with each approaching doctor's visit. Though we are praying for a healthy baby, both of us are eager to find out the sex of the baby. After all, once the sex is determined, we can proceed with the extravaganza that embodies baby/nursery preparation! Needless to say, we are definitely going to find out the gender of the baby as soon as possible!!

Frogger has entered the womb!!

Well, here he is... well the beginings of what will be a baby at least. "Frogger" as dubbed by my lovely wife has made his appearance with us, and as you can see from the picture, it is not a stretch to see amphibian like features. Frog or not though, we love that God has blessed us with... well, what will be a baby!