Saturday, June 26, 2010

Georgia in June!

Today Georgia and her mommy and daddy came to visit, and we all had a blast! Daddy fired-up the grill and we all chowed-down. Then we all headed outside to the park…

Georgia and me heading to the park.
In this pic Georgia is feeling liberated with wind rushing through her hair… the G-forces are really amazing!

Almost there!

Sister was definitely read to get-out and play!

Of course I wasted no time…

Then I decided to let Georgia get behind the wheel. She’s a good driver and did very well… at first.

Then we started getting off track...
Me freaking out a little…
Georgia’s daddy stepped in to help us a few times.

We even had a minor wreck… no major damage done… all passengers uninjured!

Still… we had a great time!

And when we got home… desert pizza. Man, if you haven’t had any of this, you are missing out, buddy! Good stuff… thanks mommy!!
Last but not least… random cuteness captured that day!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Granny Visit... Part II

The Wolfe Pack dropped in on Granny at her new destination of the rehab facility. Though she was there for only about a week, we had to check-up on her. As you can see below, she was quite glad we did. We also got to see Grandpa Dan & Grandma Alta.
Granny and Hailey bonding…

Meanwhile Nate was keeping the rest of the crowd occupied…

He got Hailey’s attention…

Then it was Hailey’s turn to entertain folks…

Finally, it was time to go… Nate didn’t waste any time…though it was great seeing Granny, Grandpa and Grandma!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Backyard H20 Fun!

Today the Wolfe Pack just chilled in the backyard... literally. Though it was a rather warm day, let's just say the water coming out of the hose is still a bit chilly at around 11:30am---yes, we found this out the hard way. But you do get used to the water after a while.
Daddy and Hailey chilling in the pool... ok, kiddy pool.

Miss Hailey-Jade as usual... mouth open, insert toy...

Where's big brother you ask? Ol' Hailey girl was keeping an eye on him... you have to get up early in the morning to sneak up on this 10 month old.

Here's Mr. Trouble himself... definitely loved the crazy sprinklers.

Friday, June 11, 2010


As with the prior post... someone is getting to be a big girl. Honestly, we think she might have been able to beat her brother up the stairs back when he was her age. I swear, daddy will have to start timing her... we might have a baby Guinness World Record holder on our hands.

Daddy... this is NOT my good side!
There she goes!

Big surprise... big brother has got to get-in on the action!

Look Who's Getting Too Big for Her Britches...

Ok, some little lady is getting way too big for her britches... she'll be asking for those car keys before we know it... hopefully, it doesn't go quite that quickly. Anyway, she likes to push her big brother's Tonka toy around... when he's not looking.
Oh, and I just had to include walking shots... ok, with mommy assisting.