Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Thumb!

Looks like there's a thumb-sucker among us...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Her Sunday Best

Here's Miss Thing in her summer, Sunday best! (Hey, it's TX... Sept is still summer!)

And of course, HJW just had to show off her customized passy...

Lady Romo all her glory!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keller's 2nd B-day!

Here's my great-buddy Keller. He's turning 2 today! Believe it or not... as great as those homemade, gourmet cupcakes look... they tasted even better!!!

CUPCAKE TIME!! (thought I'd get right to the action)
Nate--what's the hold-up, man?! Dive-in, these things are terrific!!

Lord, please bless me and this great, heavenly awesomeness for which I am about to partake...

And after our little bellies were stuffed, Keller, being the excellent host he is, even provided the entertainment!

Of course, what party would be complete with out some great presents... but the best is yet to come as you will soon see below...

In case you wonder what true toddler satiety looks like...

Here I was in true amazement of the greatness that had just been handed down to my best buddy!

I managed to coax my good buddy into letting me give his new ride a test spin.... WOW! Everyone needs one of these!!

In fact, I was so enthused with the awesomeness of Keller's new wheels, he had to chase me down to get his ride back!! Anyway, I had a great time... thanks buddy!!

Murphy Maize Days

Murphy Maize Days is upon us. It is a great little festival like gathering of food, fun and best of all bonce houses that our city throws each year. The below picture captures mommy, Hailey (in the sling) and me (daddy being behind the camera) on our way being shuttled over to the action. No, a semi tractor trailer is not about to meet us head-on. It was my 1st bus ride, and I was just a little curious... though I do see how it might be interpreted as unbridled terror.
Umm... not sure who the two goofball, corn-heads are... but they sure do look silly!
What better way to begin the festivities than with a pony ride? Oh and yeah, I may look a bit out of it below because I was still recovering from the gallon of sun screen that wound-up in my eyes. Note to self: the next time daddy whips out the sunblock and starts furiously applying it... close eyes!!!

Bounce House Time!! The onslaught of the bounce houses has begun...

The big finish!

Did you hear that daddy? This slide needs someone to show it who's boss... you comin'?
Looks like we showed this slide who means business!

After all that activity was time to get tatted-up!! I could tell mommy and daddy were jealous. Of course, who wouldn't be... it was some quality inkin'.

Ok, I got mommy and daddy convinced to let me go one more round on yet a different bounce house, and true to form, I turned around backwards mid-way down the slide... yep, you heard right, that's just how I roll... I mean slide.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The gang traveled to a local park to celebrate a b-day party for two of big brother's friends. What's better than one birthday party... a birthday party w/two birthday kiddos!
Hailey arrived to the shin-dig in style...

Here's Hailey grabbin' some grub... we would have posted Nate eating, but there was way too much carnage involved... let's just say big brother loves to eat!!
Here's Nate gettin' some crazy park-playin' action in... he loves watching daddy trying to keep up with him.

Of course, what park visit isn't complete without some swinging?

Giddy-Up Big Brother!

It's difficult to tell... did big brother like the splash park?

And here's mommy and Hailey-J watching big brother.

Ok, might as well end with this one since mommy threatened to black-mail daddy with it... not sure why... don't all daddy's love to be kids with their kids?! (Plus, daddy is used to being goofy!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

She-Wolfe in the Bumbo

Mommy decided sister needed to be introduced to the bumbo. The head control is not exactly on-par yet, but we're working on it!

Had to end with this one... can you say, "the calm before the storm?"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gearin' Up for the Tech Game

Here we are gearing-up for the Tech vs. UT game Sat. night. You can tell this family bleeds black & red. We also have evidence Nate loves his little sis... for when he gets older. He's such a good big brother!!

Here's big brother showing little sis how to get her guns up!

... finally, you gotta finish with this rowdy bunch of Tech fans... man, I am one blessed Daddy!!