Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Day with Daddy!

Today I got to spend the entire day with daddy. He did a pretty good job considering it was his first full day with me. Mommy had to work today, and Grammy is on vacation. So it was daddy's turn to spend the day with me.

Basically this was my attire for half the day... daddy did not want me spitting up all over my clothes (cuts down on the laundry), so he went the easy route...
Here is daddy feeding me. He's not quite as good as mommy or Grammy, but ya gotta love the guy for trying... keep it up pops!!

Let's just call this one goofy time. Daddy is taking full advantage of my good mood shortly after filling my belly. He makes the goofiest faces. I just cannot help but grin.

Ok, it's not all fun and games. Daddy made sure that we got our learnin' on. Here daddy is showing me the essentials of counting. It's not exactly quantum physics, but I'll play along...
The day would not be complete without some hand munchin'. The jury is still out on which hand tastes better...

Man, a day with daddy sure does tire a baby out. All that supporting of the baby noggin burns major calories. As you can see I was just plum tuckered out here--so much so I had to grab some Z's in my Bumbo. All in all, it was a good day---good job Papa Wolfe.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

3 Months and Counting!!

Well, actually, Nate was 3 months old last Friday, July 13th. We have just been so busy with his first Birthday/Swim party for Micah Witschorke, his mommy's birthday, and life as usual. So, better late than never.

Nate was very busy his 3rd month learning all sorts of new things. Here is a few of the more notable changes and experiences over the last month:

*His Great Granny came to see him for the second time! His grandpa Dan and Aunt Kelley came, also. He got lots of smiles and kisses.

*As noted in a prior post, he loves to munch on his hands!

*He plays in his bumbo more, even though he is still a little wobbly. He fusses when his toy falls off!

*He had his first visit to Joyland--our church nursery. So far, he has done great.

*He still loves to stretch.

*He is no longer swaddled for naps or bedtime, and he sleeps more consistenly at night. Naps are another story ;-).

*He visited both mommy's and Aunt Traci's works. Everyone enjoyed getting to see him, especially mommy!

*He attends weekly prayer sessions with Grammy at her church. His mommy and daddy love the fact that they pray over him.

*He holds Grammy's finger every time she gives him a bottle. I think Grammy likes it.

*He is really beginning to play and recognize toys more. (see below)

*The TV really catches his attention. He will stretch his neck all the way around to see it.

*He loves to stand in our laps. We need to get him an Exersaucer soon!

*He coos, giggles and even shrieks when he is having fun. Mommy loves it when he smiles when she picks him up at Grammy's after work.

*He celebrated his first 4th of July and nursed through his first Fireworks.

*He has begun noticing the Teddy Bears his mom tirelessly painted in his nursery. He has even smiled at them. This made all the time spent SO worth it.

Bumbo Fun!

Hello, Mr. Dinosaur! Holding a toy for the first time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Handy Munchkin...

As the title states, Nathan discovered his hands are pretty darn tasty. These pictures are right around his 3rd month, give or take. His mamma and I really love when he munches on his hands for a night-cap before he dozes off!!

One of the earlier hand pictures... boy I wish that kid's parents were not so humble!
This is your standard 3 finger munch---with the 4th left for dessert.

Even when mom and dad are playing with Nate on his back, he tends to pass the time with hand-in-mouth action.
Lastly, here Nate treats us with a little of a hand-in-mouth grin. That probably earned him some kisses...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Little Firecracker!!

Well, Nate just had his first 4th of July! We live very close to South Fork Ranch, where they hold Celebrate Freedom every year, so Nate experienced his first fireworks on the evening of June 30th. They were VERY loud, but it did not seem to phase him because he was too busy nursing. I guess at his age a full belly is much more important than bright lights in the sky. I have a feeling he will change his mind in a few years.

On the 4th, we spent some time with my family. We dressed him up in his "Little Firecracker" onesie and jeans to celebrate the occasion. I guess he thought it was a bit much, because within the first 30 to 45 minutes at my sister's, he had a major blow-out through both the onesie and jeans. We happened to all be eating at the time. Don't you just love their timing?!?! My sister discovered it when she went to pick him up because 'he was just looking too cute to leave in his bouncy chair.' I guess he showed her ;-)!! Anyways, all in all, we had a fun and enjoyable day and we were smart enough to capture a few pictures at the house before we headed out.

This is the extent of my patriotic decorating! Maybe, I will do more next year!

Mommy and our "little firecracker" posing for the camera!

Nate is proud to be an American!! If he only knew what that means. One day, he will.

I guess the festivities were just too much for him. Here he is crashed out on my sister. Notice the change of clothes ;-)!!