Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wolfe Pup #2... It's a...

Today was very exciting. We found out what they call the gender of the little one growing inside mommy’s belly. They are saying her tummy might be as round as mine in a few short months. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy had the doctor put the answer in a card and then purchased an outfit based on the gender inscribed on the card. It took some careful instruction and cautious measures but we managed to make it to dinner with a wrapped gift still not knowing if I was going to have little bro or little sis.

Mommy and Daddy actually let me open the gift! As you can see, I was not too bashful...

Really, Mommy? Can I really open it? Here we go folks…

Almost there…

It’s a…. GIRL!!!

Mommy looks happy (daddy was also happy). Though several times I heard in the conversations to follow, concern about the difference between girls and boys … whatever that’s about.

Afterwards we got ice cream to celebrate…somehow I think mommy and daddy knew I would not have trouble helping them eat their frozen goodies!

Catch ya on the flip side ladies and gents!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Excitement is Building!

Tomorrow afternoon, Sam and I go in for our 18 week Sonogram. As long as this little baby growing in my belly cooperates, we should be able to find out the gender. We hope to have the technician keep it a secret during the appointment so that we can open the results as a family on Friday night (I hope we can wait until then). I am so excited and can't wait to find out. Sam is the main reason that we are finding out now and not just waiting for the surprise in July, but I am excited to know and go through the rest of the pregnancy using the correct pronoun---he or she, not it! Up until a month or so ago, I felt more comfortable with the idea of having a boy---been there, done that and it is familiar. But, now, I am kind of wavering back and forth and just can't wait to see what God wants our family to look like. We will probably (not 100% in stone) stop with two children, so this little one will solidify the dynamics of the Wolfe Pack. I think I will be on the edge of my seat all day tomorrow before the appointment and all day Friday waiting to peak in that envelope.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My little Tater-bug is a Sweetheart!

This past week-end, my sweet little boy finally started saying "mommy". OMG, I melted. He has the sweetest little voice and a cute little smile on his face when he looks at me and says it. He kept saying it all week-end and I found myself daydreaming about it all day today at work. I get such a silly grin on my face when I imagine it. He was stubborn and wouldn't demonstrate for Grammy when I picked him up, but shortly after we got home, he was saying it again. It is hard to believe that he won't be my only baby come this summer because there are still so many things to experience with him.

Nate also surprised us Saturday morning when he asked for another donut hole by saying and signing "more". It was so cute and intentional. You see, Nate just doesn't ever really need to speak or communicate much because Sam, Grammy and myself usually anticipate his every need and he just seems to be holding back in the speech department. We will try to get him to repeat a word we are saying and he just looks at us. It reminds me of the movie, Look Who's Talking, because I can just imagine what he is thinking when he just stares back at us and won't even repeat words he knows. We figure he will talk more when he is ready, and then we will probably be wishing he would stop ;-). So, for now, the little things tug at my heart-strings and put water in my eyes.

Nate has become such an affectionate little boy and mommy loves every minute of it. I never really did the whole rock-him-to-sleep technique when he was smaller because I was told it is better to not get in the habbit of him needing that for sleep. So, he always went down really easily and never had major cuddle time because he was always too busy to sit still with me. Well, it all worked out because now he hugs, kisses and cuddles with me several times a day. He and I have such a great bond right now that I can't help but feel guilty about bringing a new baby home in July. It is a bitter-sweet feeling knowing that I am having another baby. I am so excited for this new baby and wanted it more that anything, but I will miss Nate being my only baby. It is sad to know that the second one won't have daddy and I to himself like Nate did, but he or she will be blessed with a great older brother.