Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving is so great, who can have just one, right? SO… we had two!!
First, the Wolfe pack headed over to the cousins’ crib up in McKinney, where as you can see, they are never at a loss for finding fun!

It’s easy to see the Wolfe kids know how to make the rounds to make sure their presence is known! We always have a great time at the cousins’ place!!

Our 2nd Thanksgiving was at our place with Daddy’s side of the family. There was no shortage of fun at this shindig either!
Mommy has everything ready to go!
Great-Granny, Grandma Sally, Grandpa Tom & Dan, all take their turns visiting the littlest Wolfe pup.

…And there’s no doubt why that is… who can resist…

Meanwhile, Uncle Craig and Nate where upstairs rough-housing… and this is no joke. This pic was taken seconds before the glass in the picture was shattered to pieces! Note to self: only plastic cups upstairs from this point forward!
Here are more kodak moments of the Wolfe pups getting their doses of affection missed throughout the year.

Aunt Kelley and Mike brought their little, furry one, Cooper, over to visit, and Nate loved every minute of it.
Last but not least, what every get together needs… Wii!! As it is seen in some of the pics, Nate was a real big ‘help’ when folks were playing…

And there it is… a great Thanksgiving 2009 was had, and we look forward to even better get-togethers in the future as the Wolfe pups become more aware of the world around them!