Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 13th!!

Wow, what a fun-filled day we had on my birthday! In addition to my great b-day party the day before, my mommy and daddy tried to ensure I had a blast on my actual birthday. I think they did a pretty good job… see for yourself…

Upon waking on the morning of my birthday, I found an activity table set-up just for me. It even had a phone!!

...by the way, it’s for you Daddy…!
After morning playtime was over, we headed to grab some grub at a local pancake joint and boy was it good!!

…Had to give my daddy a funny face, so he’d finally put the camera down!!

Daddy even got a surprise shot of mommy helping me with my pancakes…

After the pancake action was complete, we headed to the park for some real fun…
It’s easy to see the swings were my favorite…

Mommy attacking me on the swing…

Uh… ok, Daddy… you’re freakin’ me out here!!

Next I had to show this horsey who was boss!!

Strolling the grounds…

…caught some air on my board…

Last but not least, a trip to the playground wouldn’t be complete without a trip down the slide!

Home at last… here I am playing with my new Police Truck…

…eating my new Police Truck…
One last pose for ya… in my made to order onesie… yep, my 1st year was definitely enjoyable… of course, no need to ask me, just take a look at how excited mommy and daddy are!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1st Birthday Party!!

Nate's 1st B-Day Party!

Take a look at the below pics of my 1st birthday party. It was so much fun! I know one thing is for sure, I’m glad my mommy and daddy worked so hard to try and make it special for me. Too bad I won’t remember any of it!

Take a look at the great set-up my mommy created… pretty great, huh?!
My own, one-of-a-kind, limited-edition Happy Birthday sign… sure to appreciate in value!!

Big People cake and signage…
Yummy, yummy… my very own Nate-cake.

Even my high-chair was tricked-out…

My mommy just had to have my hand-print, too bad I couldn’t sign it for her…

For some reason, this table was popular with the big people…?

After the great set-up was done, the guests arrived…. hopefully Grammy and PaPa will forgive us for not showing them below… they were a big help in helping with the party including taking some of the pictures… thanks!!
My buddy Beau shows up with a warm greeting…

Beau get another photo-opp with my mommy.

Beau’s Daddy wishing me Happy Birthday…

Grandma Sally holding me with my great-Granny looking on in extreme envy!
Me and my Great Aunt Cathie!

Uncle Todd and Aunt Traci
Beau & Parents enjoy one another and the slideshow...
Here’s a precious moment of my Great-Granny soaking in the Nate slide show (complete with tunes) that mommy and daddy had running on our TV…

OKKKKK… bring on the cake!!

Clean-Up Time… though it doesn’t show in the above pic, I became pretty messy complete with icing the hair… yes, I do have hair!!

Who says I’m spoiled?!?!

Oh Goody… another weapon… thanks Beau!!
Me and Daddy opening!
Last but not least, here we are as a family tackling the presents… go team Wolfe!! What a great 1st birthday!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

MY 1st Easter!!

Well, my first Easter came and went as a flash, but it sure was a bunch of fun!! We all got together at my Aunt Traci and Uncle Todd’s place. Grammy and PaPa were there and even my 2 silly cousins, McKenna and Sydney.

Here I am in my new Easter Outfit. Don’t I look sharp…?

My and my cousins… McKenna on left, Sydney on right.
Sydney and me horsing around…

After playing with the cousins, it was time to explore… I got some good climbing practice… luckily Mom was right behind me in case I tried to go in reverse

Presents!! Thanks Grammy and PaPa!!

SugarTime… my 1st cupcake… my cousing McKenna even got in on the action!!

Sure enough… I needed a quick bath before the ride home.
When I got home mommy and daddy even had Easter Gifts for me! What a great Easter!!