Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sam and I anxiously await the arrival of our little boy. As I type this, we are less than 2 weeks from our due date. All of my friends that have had a baby in the last few months have not made it to there predicted due date. At my last doctors appointment on Wednesday, March 21, I was already progressing and my doctor didn't think I would go past our due date of April 7th, but she made no predictions as to how soon it could be. People that know me well, know that I am such a planner and that not knowing any specifics as to when he will come is on my mind constantly. Although it is kind of scary, I have enjoyed the mystery of not knowing whether he will be a March or an April baby.

We have kept the name a mystery from everyone! It is not that we have had trouble choosing one, because we have had his name picked out for at least 3 years!! What I wonder is what will he look like? Sam was such a cute little boy and I can't wait to see his features in our son. I am sure that we will be the same biased parents that most people are with their child. I, also, wonder how BIG he will be? This thought kind of scares me since they haven't really been measuring me and making any predictions on his size. A coworker of mine said her niece was due the same day as our son, but she was delivered by C-section this last week weighing in at 11 lbs. and 7 oz. Yikes!! You should see the picture!

Well, I will go to bed tonight wondering if it might be the night?!?! We know that God is in complete control and He has the whole miraculous event in His Hands. He chose life for our son and He will choose the day that he will make his way into this world and his parent's eager arms.

More Shower Blessings...

Sam and I were blessed by showers at both of our jobs and by all of our Heights Baptist Church friends. The generosity bestowed upon us was amazing. Our son is already loved by so many people and he isn't even here yet! Here are a few pictures of the festivities. My coworker, Theresa, made the most spectacular diaper cake. It was stocked full of pacifiers, washcloths, bibs, bottles, outlet plugs, cabinet latches, teethers, lotion, diaper rash ointment, sheet savers, wrist rattles, a comb and brush set, a blanket, and a teddy bear. It had to take hours to make!

Here is a picture of my coworkers that hosted my work shower! Yes, even my boss helped!!

My coworker, Amy, made our son the sweetest quilt with Teddy Bears to go with the theme of his nursery.

My church friends hosted my shower at Paige Rodger's house. They chose a sport's theme!
Thanks again to the hostesses who purchased our Pack-n-Play and diaper bag.

The invitations made by our friend, Sally, even had the same Teddy Bears that are stenciled in the nursery!