Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day Pics

In order to cram in 3 different Thanksgiving meals, we had
to start early. So we headed over to Grammy and PaPa's
place a week before the actual Turkey Day. Below, you can
see how I go about entertaining mommy and PaPa. The below
left pic shows me, PaPa and my cousins Sydney (left) and
McKenna (right). To the right you will see me and my Aunt
Traci. She loves to cuddle and knows exactly how to find my tickle
spots. I had such a great time at Grammy and PaPa's.
Mommy even fed me my fruit and cereal in front of everyone.
I'm not sure what was so entertaining, but everyone seemed
to gather around to see me make a mess. But I do have to say
I definitely enjoyed being the center of attention... I'm already
looking forward to next year's feast!

Our 1st stop of Thanksgiving Day was at my Grandma Sally
and Grandpa Tom's. We had a blast there and ate too much
as I've heard one is supposed to do. In the top left pic we see
my Grandma Sally, mommy and Aunt Kelley showing me my
new toy that Grandma and Grandpa gave me. All I know is
they are brightly colored and make noise... need I say more?
To the right my Aunt Kelley is being impressed by my baby
talk... for lack of a better term. The only obstacle is swinging
them around without hitting myself in the face... of which
seemed to be quite amusing to the spectators in the room!
The bottom left pic shows me playing with Grandma and
Grandpa and the bottom left shows me and Grandpa Tom.
As you can see we often have deep, meaningful discussions
pondering life's great mysteries.

Our last stop of the night was at my Grandpa's abode. I had
a blast there as well. In the top 2 pictures below, you can see
I am playing around with my Uncle Craig and singing a
duet with mommy. She probably will not necessarily like
the photo of us singing, but personally I think it captures
the essence of the moment. The bottom two pictures show
me and my Grandpa as well as my Great-Granny and me.
I was in chill mode with Grandpa as can be seen with my
favorite 2 fingers in my mouth. Great-Granny and I had a
really great time together. She had this really shiny
necklace on that I could not resist. Here I was trying to
charm her before I made another pass at trying to steal
her precious, shiny treat.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!
Well in the traditional sense of giving thanks, the Wolfe Pack thought we would collectively name a few things for which we are extremely grateful. First, there is the obvious… a healthy, much anticipated Wolfe pup that came into the world around 7 months ago. The Lord has since blessed us with a healthy little one that continues to amuse and amaze us daily. Kim and I have also been blessed with superior health this past year, and we pray it continues through this cold and flu season. There are so many other things to list from the freedoms we enjoy daily to those that risk their lives to ensure that they are protected. One final blessing I want to mention is our family as well as our church family that are always there when needed. We are truly blessed by all of our friends that the Lord has provided. In closing, I pray that the Wolfe household never forgets how blessed we truly are through His grace and how lucky we are to be living in the best nation on the planet. Oh and since, I could not submit a posting without a picture, below are 2 of my most dear blessings… God is Great!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Number TWO!!

For all those jumping to conclusions, "no"we are not already expecting baby #2. Nate had his second tooth appear today. So, now he has two bottom teeth. Fortunately for me, he seems to have already learned not to bite me while nursing. I brace myself though, for I never know if he will strike again. Try as we may, we can't seem to get a postable picture of his new pearly whites. Either his tongue is in the way or the glare on the camera covers them, so I gave up. Instead, here are a few pictures especially for daddy who just loves having a son to wear camouflage. The Cabela's overalls and booties were courtesy of his coworker. Thanks Debbie.

Not pictures, again!Hi mommy!
Oh, hi daddy, is that you behind that silver thing?!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My 1st Halloween

Below are some glimpses into my first Halloween. I’m not sure what the big deal is about this quasi-holiday, but that might be because I’m still too tiny to eat candy.

Ok, did you hear me say I want my picture taken? Last time I checked, I cannot talk yet!!

YOU WITH THE CAMERA… I mean it... I’m about 2 seconds from a meltdown.

Rats… mommy is great at distracting me… the plush pumpkin toy gets me every time… probably because it’s so tasty!!

After morning play time, I decided it was time to head to a nearby pumpkin patch…

Yeah, momma… that’s a good pumpkin, but I’m kinda sold on this one…

Ok, who shrunk my pumpkin?! Does this look like the face of a happy camper?!?!

One last photo opp before we take off… oh wait, hey mom there’s the perfect pumpkin…

Later that evening, we stopped at Grammy and Papa’s house. They have some great toys there. Oh yeah… mom and dad just had to dress me up…

Here I am with Papa. I was trying to help him out, for I don’t think he is up to date on his baby talk.

Watch out folks… lion on the prowl…

Before heading home for the night, I stopped by and said hi to my best bud Beau. He’s a bit younger than I am, but he’s growing like crazy! He’s gonna be a big guy like his daddy. Check out his cool crib. We even managed to get a photo with our daddies. It’s great having good friends and spend time with them… a perfect end to my 1st Halloween.