Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hailey's 12 Month Pictures!

Here's the smallest Wolfe pup's 12 month photo session. Needless to say mommy and daddy were proud parents after seeing these cute pics!

Pretty in pink...

Time to drop by the beach!

Definitely not bashful in blue...

Mini Mall Rats!

Here they are... the mini mall rats burning off some of that energy which will hopefully lead to some long naps!!

Then, the pack headed to the fountains in Richardson to cool off some from that Texas July heat!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It’s the big day! Hailey’s 1st birthday party! As you will see Mommy out did herself once again, and everyone had a great time.
Check-out her stylish cake…
…which even matches the invitation!

And her smash cake… no lack of icing here!

Mommy had just about everything matching.

Last but not least… the queen’s throne!

Here’s the Wolfe Pack grabbing a quick shot before most the guests arrive.

Grandpa Dan walking the birthday girl before more guests arrive.

Aunt Kelley was busy admiring the flashy, birthday girl tutu.

After all the guests arrived, it was time for the festivities to begin… bring on the presents!

…And her 1st charm goes along with the cupcake party theme.


Eventually, we had to help the birthday girl get down and dirty!

Gratuitous Tutu Shots!!

And the day would not be complete without Big Brother getting into some of Hailey’s birthday presents. Thanks for the great birthday Mommy & Daddy!