Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our Halloween pics this year consist of a stop by the Fall Festival our church was throwing, a few days before Halloween, which had food, fun, friends, a petting zoo and bounce houses... gotta have the bounce houses. Then on Halloween night we made a few stops by the grandparents' homes.
Here's big brother... our astronaut hero! Yep... that is the cap that came with his costume... not exactly sure what is up with the ginormous bill on the cap. As you can see though, it did not affect Nate in the least.

And little sister stole the show with her bunny outfit... a shocker, right?
After grabbing a bite, wondering around the different booths, Nate found one he liked... again a big shocker.
Next, it was on to the bounce houses... let's just say time to leave for the evening was not enjoyable... Nate has found his true love!

And baby sis is doing what she does best...
We just had to show-off our little trick-or-treaters to the grandparents, so we made a couple stops... as you can see, the grandparents all approved!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Children's Museum Visit

Now that the weather is cooling down, it was time to head to the fair grounds... more specifically to the Children's Museum. As you can see from below Nate did not find it difficult to amuse himself. We think he had enough activity in this one day to last several lifetimes!
We started off with Mommy showing Nate all the snakes and reptiles.

Transition to baby sister... as always... acting like a little angel...

One thing's for sure, we didn't have to show Nate where the sand was! In fact, Nate made it look so fun, Daddy had to join in...

Ah yes... another life lesson, son... sand in the face is not pleasant!

Next we were off to what I like to call the 'activity room' that had tumbling mats, toys, climbing grips on the wall and an elaborate 'gopher maze' in the center of the room. Nate shows off a few of his favorites...

Aye Captain! Periscopes Down!!

This had to be one of Nate's favorite portions of the visit... let's just say Nate is at one with water.

Indoor slides... a mark of a proper museum...

Now this has gotta be the hardest one can think at two years old...

One thing's for sure... Nate did not get his PC skills from his father!

Perhaps Nate was a little farmer in a past life...? Milking this cow seemed to come natural...

The Cow-Whisperer....
Before we headed out Nate and mommy had to head by the musical instruments... my ears are still ringing...

Hey Look... after all that baby sister is finally awake for the ride home!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch '09

Before all the Halloween extravaganza begins next weekend,
the Wolfe Pack had to head to Owens Farm to check out all the pumpkins. In addition to a pumpkin patch our selected venue also had animals to feed, barrel rides, hayrides and hotdogs, so what's not to like? Nate even invited one of his best buddies, Keller to come along.

We had to snap these pictures quick because both Nate and Keller
were always on the move!!

We even got one of Hailey with all the pumpkins.
Speaking of pumpkins, the pumpkin patch was our first stop, as you can see from below, the boys went right at it, calling dibbs on the best pumpkins on the lot.
Nate was such a good boy, he volunteered to pose with his sister... and snuck in a kiss.

Daddy also made a cameo with both Wolfe pups...
Then, Nate found his perfect pumpkin.
Next, it was off to the animals. Nate was not sure what to think about those goats.
Now that's one BIIIIIG HORSEY!
You don't necessarily want to get too close to these guys but they were fun to watch.
Here he is... taking it all in.

Both Keller and Nate loved the barrel ride, and just about all the little riders were given these "neat" little noise makers of about 100 decibel rating.

Keller and mommy having fun on the ride

Apparently there are 2 sizes of barrels that parents and kiddos can populate. Wouldn't you know it Daddy and Nate crammed into one of the smaller barrels and yup, there was mommy to capture that Kodak moment.

Here's Nate and Daddy... and there's that neat little noise maker! Let's just say when the ride ended, Nate made it known (to everyone within 250 feet) the noise maker was his... or so he thought. Good times.

Last but not least, the entire Wolfe Pack captured on camera....