Saturday, July 19, 2008


Dedicated to my Mommy on her 35th birthday... 35 Reasons Why ME (and Daddy) Love Mommy!!
1.The magnificent 2nd Father's Day book in which mommy lovingly documented our lives together... it's a must see!!
2. Mommy's great memory that often saves Daddy's behind!
3.Mommy's awesome pancakes!!! (These were chocolate chip pancakes.)

4. Mommy's nicknames for me... Tater, Tater Bug, Cuddle Bug, Tate-nit.
5.The look of pure joy on my Mommy's face after they placed me in her arms for the 1st time.6. Mommy's sweet kisses that she showers me with daily!!
7.How Mommy's eyes water with happiness at the sight of her 1st born.

8. Mommy's compliments to both me and Daddy... after all, we are two good-lookin' guys!!
9. Mommy's up-beat, cheery personality!
10. Mommy's hugs!!!!!!11. The careful diligence mommy displays through introducing a variety of healthy food into my diet... even if at first I don't immediately approve (in the case of strawberries).

12. Mommy's smarts... also saves Daddy's behind from time to time.
13. Laying my sleepy head on Mommy's chest when she takes me from my crib.

14. Those late-night caresses that mommy gives me... yeah, she only thinks I'm asleep!
15. Mommy's good looks... Daddy's not the only reason I'm such a fine-lookin' baby!!
16. Mommy devotedly packing my diaper bag week-in and week-out for the numerous functions we attend.
17. The awesome care that Mommy put into creating my fancy nursery!!

18. Mommy's world-famous carrot cake... Daddy insisted I include this one.
19. Mommy's skillful interior decroating ability. She's got our crib lookin' good!! Just a few examples...

20. Mommy's prayers for me and Daddy... we definitely need them!
21. Mommy dutifully orchestrating the family schedule... thanks Mommy!
22. Trips to the pool!!

23. Mommy's genius in creating the best playroom ever!! (The pics don't do it justice.)

24. Being bad... eating ice cream late at night with Daddy on the weekends.
25. Mommy's loving caresses to a sleeping Daddy... again, she only thinks we're asleep!
26. Mommy holding me during family prayer time.
27. Mommy's laughter at my cuteness... or Daddy's goofiness. 28. Mommy's pretty blue eyes... Daddy made sure I added this one! (Doesn't my mommy look gorgeous below!!)
29. Mommy's adorable habit of moistening her lips from time to time... it's more of an inside joke thing... something only my goofy Daddy would notice!!
30. Mommy's cute dimples!! (Daddy really digs these!) 31. Mommy's care in washing my "tenders"... a job Daddy is sometimes reluctant to do.
32. Mommy's inspirational work-out discipline. Mommy manages to squeeze her work-outs in between our busy schedule and working full-time. You should see this woman lift!!
33. Mommy's bravery and strength in delivering me into this world... Daddy assures me it was beyond admirable.

34. The commitment Mommy has to her and Daddy's marriage.
35. And last but not least the final reason we love Mommy is exceeding 0ur expectations as a mommy, wife, and Daddy's best friend. You are truly a blessing to the Wolfe Pack, and we love you very, very much!! Happy Birthday Mommy!!
Here are some grand finale pictures of Me and Mommy cuteness...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hawaii was great!!

Seriously, these pictures were just taken at the pool! I had a great time at the pool, but I don't think it even compared to Grammy and Papa's 40th Anniversary trip to Hawaii. We know they had a great time and we are so proud of them for 40 years together. Mommy, daddy and I had to live vicariously through them. Don't get me wrong, we had a great extended week as a family and the pool was just one of many highlights. Happy Early Anniversary! We love you!

Here I am in my new digs from their trip. Also, I got my very own Nene bird---a stuffed version on the state bird--- a Hawaiian goose! Sorry, there is no picture of the bird at this time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Petting Zoo!

Last Monday, mommy and daddy had the day off, so they took me to the Petting Zoo at our church. Isn't it great that our church has such great summer activities for us kiddos? Thanks Miss Pennie, we sure do love you!

I didn't really know what to think of all the little chicks, ducks, and bunnies or the bigger goats and cow, but it sure was fun seeing all my friends and hanging with mom and dad. Daddy and I even fed the animals. I really loved the Big Blue Fan and at one point, I snuck off to run find a room to play in out of the heat. Daddy caught me, though, and we went and saw the fish and headed home.

Up close and personal!!

Here I am, totally oblivious of the animals, and looking at the Big Blue Fan!
Daddy, what is that thing?

I kept my distance, but did enjoy seeing all the fury creatures God created!